Airo for mental health

September 25, 2017
Naman Kumar

Always playing catch up?
Having trouble falling asleep?
Having crappy days too often?

We both know we can do better.

Find your strong.

Airo is your companion through the stressful times. It automatically tracks when you’re getting anxious and recommends easy tweaks that reduce stress.

It doesn’t ask you to “move more” or “breathe more” because those are good things to do. Airo measures you constantly and makes suggestions based on what your body needs at that moment in time. It is always personalized to you.

Airo tracks you day in and day out, and learns about how you react to stress. It knows the best and worst times of your day. With this, it suggests tweaks in your daily routines that reduce your overall stress.

It sits on your arm and gently vibrates when it detects you are getting stressed. Then, it walks you through breathing exercises to reduce your stress, just when you need it the most.

It’s no secret that stress, burnout, anxiety, sleep, and mental health problems effect most of us. We experience these every day, and yet the world has viewed this with it stigma far too long. We have worked so hard to improve our quality of life physically but we’ve neglected our mental health.

Airo is here to change that.

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Hope life is good!