The Airo Device

What sizes does Airo come in?

Airo ships with standard 22mm straps that are easily replaced with the size and color of your choosing. The straps can be taken on and off quite easily without any tools. If straps are concern for you, just email us team@airohealth.com. We'll try to accommodate your request.

Will Airo work for my child?

Yes! Since Airo tracks your nervous system the data is actually the same, no matter how old the user is. Our band has the abilty to fit many different wrists sizes and works great for children.

How long does the battery last? How do I charge Airo?

You will be able to charge Airo via standard USB outlet; battery lasts approximately 14 hours on single charge when operating at highest quality.

The Airo App

Will Airo work with my phone?

Airo will pair with iPhone 5 or later.

How does Airo notify me? I don't see a screen on it.

Airo uses Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy) to communicate with your smartphone. Airo also has a vibration motor and sends a silent alarm as your stress levels rise.


When will I receive my Airo?

Soon! Airo ships within 48 hours of your order.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We'll get Airo to you, wherever you are, shipping outside North America is USD $20.

What if my address changes before the Airo ships?

No problem! Just email us at team@airohealth.com and we can make the necessary changes for you.

I want to talk to a person.

We'd love to hear from you! Just open the chat below. You can also email us at: team@airohealth.com